Since 2008

Adult Bernese Dog - great temperament

It all started with a childhood dream to have a Bernese Mountain Dog join our family, and a dog named Roxy who reinkdled that dream. She was a true lady among dams, a great judge of character and attentive mom to her three litters of pups. Truly, 

She was one of a kind.

3rd Generation

Bernese Mountain Dog with puppy

Our dams used for breeding purposes are first and foremost our beloved pets. We limit their breeding to ensure a longer healthy life with us. Pictured above are Arrow (now retired from breeding) with daughter Daisy (aka Daisy Dukes aka Crazy Daisy) as a pup.

Still Running

Bernese Mountain Dog can do anything, including going out on the boat.

We breed for health and longevity. All our dogs have their necessary health clearances and we offer a 2 year guarantee against serious defects. 

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