Purchase Agreement

General Information

This is a sample of our Purchase Agreement. Buyers are expected to know the contents of this Agreement prior to sending in a deposit and application. Buyers must sign thie actual Purchase Agreement at the designated time to finalize the terms and conditions of any puppy purchase..

This Purchase Agreement includes additional stipulations as set forth in the Puppy Application which you will have previously agreed to. The deposit that accompanied the puppy application will either be used to offset the purchase price of this puppy or offset the costs associated with finding another buyer in the event the buyer does not comply with all the terms and conditions of this puppy purchase. If the purchase has been cancelled by the seller for any reason, seller shall return the buyer's deposit without penalty. The buyer's deposit is otherwise non-refundable. Final payments must be made in cash and determines the date of the actual purchase and sale of any of our puppies or dogs. 

The purchase price of any puppy, male or female, begins at $2,100 less any deposit made previously to the time of the actual purchase, provided Buyer has complied with all the terms and conditions of the overall purchase.  Price may increase slightly if emergengy caesarian is needed.

Selecting a puppy typically occurs around the sixth (6th) week mark.  The order of puppy picks are determined by the date we receive your deposit, and after review and approval of your puppy application. We reserve the right to assist you in matching your needs and family lifestyle with the temperament of your chosen puppy. 


Puppies are ready to go the their new homes after eight (8) weeks. New owners are expected to make arrangements to pick up their puppy between the eighth (8th) and ninth (9th) week. Failure to do this may result in the cancellation of this Purchase Agreement without penalty to the Seller, and Seller shall have the right to sell the puppy to someone else. 

Ownership/Transfer of Ownership

Buyer agrees that he/she is buying this puppy as a personal pet and is in no way acting as an agent or broker for any other party. Buyer agrees that he/she will not sell this puppy to any   wholesaler or agent of any pet shop or puppy farm.. If the buyer is unable to keep the puppy at any time in the future, seller reserves the first option right to purchase the puppy back. If the puppy becomes a hardship to the buyer at anytime, this puppy may be returned to New England   Berner Pups together. In either event, any AKC registration of ownership shall transfer back to New England Berner Pups and/or its designee(s).

Limited AKC Registration

The parents of this puppy are AKC registered. We provide the pedigree information for a limited AKC filing; however, AKC registration for your new puppy is your responsibility, if desired. Limited registration means that you are agreeing to purchase a pet quality dog, and not a dog for breeding or show performance purposes. 


Buyer agrees to have this dog neutered or spayed as is applicable before the age of 1 year. Buyer also agrees to send a copy of the neutering or spaying certificate to New England Berner Pups within 12 months from date of purchase. If your puppy is used for breeding, intentionally or otherwise, an additional $5,000 shall be due and payable to the Seller. If this Buyer fails to disclose or otherwise make known in writing this dog was used for breeding purposes, an additional penalty of $5,000 shall also be due to the Seller. This is a necessary measure to help prevent unwanted litters being brought into this world without the committment that is needed to care properly for them throughout their lifetimes.

Health Guarantee

This puppy as been bred for health and longevity. The parents of this puppy have each been tested and certified per standard. This puppy will have been checked by a veterinarian and found to be healthy at the time of the sale. Even so, we offer a 48-hour guarantee against a serious illness or congenital disease which must be verified by an independent third party. If your puppy is found to have a serious defect, we will exchange the puppy with another puppy at that time. If no puppy is available, we will offer you a puppy from the next litter. We do not reimburse any vet, testing, or surgery bills for any reason.


Seller further guarantees this puppy against Severe Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, except due to trauma, until the age of 24 months as evidenced by OFA testing.  Questionable hip x-rays that are not OFA certified does not mean that the dog has hip dysplasia and it doesn't mean that your dog needs to be euthanized. Many dogs do not have perfect hip joints, but never become crippled during their normal life span. Severe Hip Dysplasia is marked by the animals inability to walk or support it's normal body weight with a prognosis that this condition will not improve, but will deteriorate further in the future because of severe hip joint defects. In this event, proof of the following is required:


If severe dysplasia is suspected, please notify New England Berner Pups in writing immediately.

1) Buyer must submit a copy of the actual OFA results to New England Berner Pups.

2) Puppy must be owned by the original buyer named in this guarantee.

3) Puppy has not been subjected to heavy or extreme exercise.

4) Puppy must not have been used for breeding purposes.

5) Puppy has been on a proper diet, low in protein and fat.

6) Puppy has been seen by a vet on a regular schedule and there is no evidence of abuse or neglect.

7) Seller will enter the results and make adjustments to our breeding program as is warranted.

If your puppy is found to have a severe dysplasia, we will exchange the puppy with another puppy at that time. If no puppy is available, we will offer you a puppy from the next litter. We do not reimburse any vet, testing, or surgery bills for any reason. You may choose to keep your dog at no penalty to the Seller. 


New England Berner Pups and/or its assigns are not responsible for any expenses incurred by the Buyer regarding the purchase and care of this dog. We do not cover vet bills for regular health check-ups, shots, de-worming, medications, food, etc... once this puppy leaves our humble abode. Buyer is responsible for any and all damages to any person or property caused by this dog.


If any part of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, it shall have no effect on any other clause in this Agreement. If it is possible, any unenforceable or invalid clause in this Agreement shall be modified to show the original intention of the parties.